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Branding and Identity

Canprint and Design is a small business that specialise in tailor-made solutions for print, design and digital media. 

With the best digital printers on the market, they produce the micro-fine detail at lightning-fast speed. Specialising with business cards, newsletters, marketing brochures, flyers, books & catalogues. The team of printers who can assist  in choosing the right paper and method for everyone's  project. 


I designed their logo with their eco passion  in mind.

I went all the way to the origin, I imagined the tree and the beautiful leafs blowing in the wind, the entire process went back to where the paper comes from, the cleanliness of the white paper that's about to be printed and delivered to it's new owner. The joy that comes with the feel of the paper. 

The endless possibilities gave me the courage to design something simple and yet something that will stand out from the crown and deliver for this little business.

I designed their posters, brochures, books, street signage , building signage even their vehicles. It was fun all around!