KS Packer
Fashion Designer

Branding and Web Design

KS PACKER was born from Kanhchana's desire to create unique garments by pairing classic inspired styles with bold and edgy elements that can create a lasting story.

The materials used are modern, inspired by the designer's Cambodian background and culture where colour and pattern are celebrated every day. 

KS PACKER was built on the idea that representation, inclusivity, and body positivity matters in both fashion and media. This is why their sizes range from XXS to 4XL, and the MADE TO ORDER collection is another way to make every single woman feel special.


Kanhchana Packer is a multi award winning fashion designer with a raw passion for fashion-forward women unique designer clothing by using her 25 years of experience in the fashion industry. She curates a range of beautiful garments, by designing and creating special occasion outfits that makes the wearer feel amazing. 

She believes in Authenticity, Sustainability Ethical, High quality, hand made garments by celebrating colour, beautiful fashion, and supporting small New Zealand business along the way. 

The logo had to be a showcase of Kanhchana's elegancy and desire to create strong pieces that will grab anyone's attention, it had to be clean and simple but powerful at the same time.