South Bake

Branding and Packaging Design

South Bake is a little business located in Christchurch NZ, they are passionate about creating unique and tasty pies, and are also focusing on fresh ingredients, New Zealand meats and cheeses, made with love in Christchurch. They were already selling the pies in their cafe but wanted to branch out and sell in the supermarkets and shops all over Aotearoa. 

Their brief was quite simple, they wanted their product to be easily recognisable when on the shelves in supermarkets and shops. And needed to be appealing for a vast target market. Another very important part of the brief was the recyclable packaging, we were committed to keep it eco-friendly. And we did! The packaging is made out of paper and is going to be 100% recyclable.

This new little business needed a voice and a strong logo to make them stand out from the crowd and an active concept to build a successful business.   

Starting with the logo, from the choice of font to the overall theme, I wanted to represent the freshness within the package. Colour played a big role in the development, I was aiming to bring all this to life by simply illustrating the ingredients for each pie, creating a concept that will be easily recognisable and a simple colour palette that represents each pie. My goal was to throw away the explanations and give customers excitement just by looking at the designs. The idea came from the realisation of a simple design, unbothered and predictable but at the same time intriguing. 

The material used to wrap the product was very important, taking on an eco-mindset and translating

it into packaging has to be the most viable solution to minimise a huge problem we're facing globally atm.  Because plastic pollution is growing at an alarming rate, it was clear for us, as designer and client, we wanted to do our part and the solution was easy, we opted for recyclable paper for the packaging.